Glen Johnson

Podcast: Ukraine and Moldova

October 6, 2023 1/200

Kyle speaks with foreign correspondent Glen Johnson about his time reporting in Ukraine, what he sees as the reasons and challenges of the ongoing Russian invasion and how memory politics is being used to start and maintain conflict. Now in Moldova, Glen explains how similar patterns are starting to unfold with US/NATO involvement in the country and a series of political changes that might cause unrest.

Latest article from Glen on Ukraine.

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This episode’s co-hosts
Kyle, Glen


0:00 Introductions

2:02 Was the Situation in Ukraine Expected

3:49 How Did the Russia Gate Op Affect the Situation

5:42 Sights on the Ground

8:15 Is the Country Under Constant Threat

9:48 The Feeling Among Everyday Ukrainians

14:18 Memory Politics

23:15 How The Far-Right Uses the War in the Ukraine

26:59 What Could Happen

34:36 The Western Stance

36:35 Why Glen is in Moldova

43:20 Moldova’s Current State

49:54 What Happens if Things Go Like Ukraine in Moldova

51:05 Why New Zealand Needs to be Careful

52:42 The US and Western Impact

56:46 Is There a Way Out

58:59 Closing Thoughts and Outro

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